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Magam Trophy

Magam Trophy


We are canceling the Rally!

We are sad to inform you, that we have to cancel the Wojtek Gołębiowski Magam Tropy Memorial Rally. Due to the prevailing pandemic of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, the risk of losing the funds entrusted to us, is too big. Moreover, only 28 crews decided to take this risk with us. In this situation, our budget is too small to guarantee the highest level of competition, with which the Magam Trophy has always been identified.

We thank the volunteers for the offered help. We also would like to thank the players, who sent us their statements without hesitation, especially those from abroad, because they were risking the most!

In the coming days, we will refund all your payments to the same account numbers, from which they were received.

"OFF-ROAD FRIENDS" Association

Magam Trophy


Due to the uncertain pandemic situation in Poland and Europe, we have important news.

As you know, the Magam Trophy Memorial of Wojtek Gołębiowski Rally is organized on a non-profit basis and the budget, made mostly of your contributions, is very tight. For the rally to take place, we have to spend over 45% of the collected funds in the coming days. This is a large sum and we cannot risk this money without your consent. Therefore, we ask that all registered crews to send us a statement via e-mail with the following content:

Statement of the participant of the Magam Trophy Memorial Wojtek Gołębiowski Rally:

In case of resignation from participation in the rally, or cancellation of the rally for reasons beyond the control of the organizer, I accept the following rules for the return of the entry fee:
- 50% of the entry fee will be refunded until August 28th , 2020.
- No entry fee will be refunded after August 28th , 2020.
Name and surname:
No. phone:

Such a declaration must be sent to our email (rajdmagamtrophy@gmail.com) till Friday, August 14, 2020 before 10 PM.
Crews, from whom we do not receive a declaration, will be removed from the start list and their payments will be refunded immediately.

In addition, we inform you that:
- The owner of the Rally Base (Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Biały Bór), due to additional costs related to epidemiological safety, is forced to increase the prices of accommodation and meals by 20%.
- If the rally is canceled, the Association's books of accounts will be at your disposal.

We are not able to bear all the risks ourselves.
We count on your understanding.

"OFF-ROAD FRIENDS" Association

Magam Trophy


Frequently asked question, what is the Magam Trophy?

It's hard to tell. Players and supporters who have seen first Magam trials usually say: I do not believe it!

The Magam Trophy is not about comfortable trials, nor about collecting stamps one by one. Also, it is not waiting in line to observe a trial between tapes.

There are no queues at Magam, very wide trials allow overtaking, and the reversed order of starts means that the crews are in constant contact with each other.

The Magam Rally is a race in difficult terrain, you don't just wait, but you keep pushing forward. On the swamps, steep climbs or traverses, crews are constantly fighting side by side.

The Magam Rally has a special atmosphere, fair play always applies here. Believe that in the heat of the fight for every minute, helping another crew takes on GREAT importance.

But this is the Magam Trophy, you don't follow the trails here, everyone can go their own way ...

Magam Trophy


Spokojnych Świąt Wielkanocnych !
Uważajcie na siebie i spotkajmy się we wrześniu!

Peaceful Easter !
Take care of yourself and let's meet in September!

Magam Trophy


Change of the date of the Magam Trophy Rally Memorial of Wojtek Gołębiowski

Due to the prevailing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we have decided to change the date of the rally to 24-26 September 2020.

Our decision is dictated by security considerations and new rules regarding gatherings that prevent us from implementing such a large ivent on the planned date.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that the Bialy Bór Centre remains the base of the rally. Bookings made in the rally base automatically pass from May 7-9 to September 24-26.
Your payments and start list remain unchanged. If you have to cancel your participation in the rally, you can apply for a full refund of the entry fee. Refunds are only possible via organizer, when the next crew from the reserve list makes the payment for your place.

We apologize to all participants and fans for the inconvenience, but we do it for our common security. We also hope that in September the situation will return to normal and we all meet on the rally route.

Greetings to you,
Rally organizer,

Magam Trophy


We are pleased to inform you that
the Mayor of Miastko
Danuta Karaśkiewicz
took honorary patronage over
Rally Magam Trophy Memorial Wojtek Gołębiowski .

Magam Trophy


Grono naszych partnerów poszerzyło się o kolejne firmy.
Dziękujemy za pomoc!

The group of our partners has expanded.
Thank you very much for your help!

Magam Trophy


From January 10 2020 applications are closed.

On our website, we have placed a list of
- accepted (green) and
- reserve (red) applications.

In the next week we will refund payments to crews from the reserve list.

Thank you for the great interest!

more information...

Magam Trophy



more information...

Magam Trophy


5 - Information clause and consent for personal data procession

Are now available on the website www.magamtrophy.eu in subpage RALLY.

more information...

Magam Trophy


We know the location of the Rally base-camp.
This is "Biały Bór" Recreation Center.

More details on the subpage RALLY ...

Magam Trophy


The English version of the rally regulations is now available on the website.
Subpage RALLY/Regulations.

more information...

Magam Trophy


Dziękujemy naszym partnerom za pomoc przy organizacji rajdu!

Many thanks to our partners for help in organizing the rally!

Magam Trophy


Especially for crews interested in magam trophy from abroad, we have launched our website in English.

Magam Trophy


Podczas Rajdu Magam Trophy Memoriał Wojtka Gołębiowskiego, załogi tak jak zawsze rywalizować będą w dwu klasach ADVENTURE i EXTREME. Wymagania dla obu klas oraz zasady rywalizacji opisane są w regulaminie który można już pobrać w formacie pdf.
Otwarcie zgłoszeń do rajdu nastąpi 6 stycznia 2020 roku, a wysokość wpisowego za 3 dni rywalizacji została ustalona na 1600zł od załogi.

Magam Trophy


Z wielką radością informujemy, że w dniach 7-9 maja 2020 w okolicach miejscowości Miastko na Pomorzu odbędzie się Rajd Magam Trophy Memoriał Wojtka Gołębiowskiego.
Przedsięwzięcie ma charakter non-profit. Cały zysk przekażemy na wybrany cel charytatywny.
W najbliższych dniach udostępnimy więcej szczegółów dotyczących rajdu.
Zapraszamy do odwiedzania strony www i naszego profilu na Facebook.

Magam Trophy


Tak jak w ostatnich edycjach rajdu Magam Trophy dyrektorem technicznym jest Kamil Podolak "Podol".
To gwarantuje, że trasy na długo zapadną w pamięć załóg i kibiców. Będzie wszystko to z czego słynie Magam Trophy: głębokie bagna, zdradliwe piaski i długie strome trawersy.


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